ʻO Akua ka pō mahina o kēia Lāpule nei

Aloha kākou e kuʻu mau hoa kilo pō mahina.  ʻO Akua ka pō mahina o kēia lāpule nei.  Howzit Gangeh, Akua ia tonightʻs moonphase on this Sunday evening.  Itʻs a night of animation and activity as it is the final night of the Hua ceremonies.  In the old days, Akua was the night when the akua were out and about collecting offering left to them during the Hua ceremonies.  Tonight is the first night for the banana planting methodology done by men.  You can read about the particulars in the book Native Planters by Handy, Handy & Pukui.   This is also the night to fish red fish, to see extreme tidal differences and the last of the Geminid Meteor showers.

In Hilo, the whales are cruising near shore, the kolea are hunting in our yards and the koʻokoʻolau are blooming profusely.

And that Gangeh, is my lunar report for this lovely Sunday morning.  A hui hou kākou.

Kalei Nuʻuhiwa


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