‘O Kūlua ka pō mahina o kēia po’alima nei

‘O Kūlua ka pō mahina o kēia po’alima nei. Kūlua is today’s moon phase in the Hawaiian lunar month of Nana. Nana is short for ‘īnana which means to animate, come to life, to activate. Nana’s weather is active too. Liquid sunshine, warm air & wind. All living things show Aniston and vigorous growth. Mālolo season starts this month. Nana was a time when people were busy in their gardens and fields. Today’s kilo forecast in Waiākea waena shows cloudy skies with intermittent showers and wind gusts. Mango trees are flowering, mamo are blooming, & ukiuki have berries. Birds are building nests in the trees too. That Gang is the kilo for today on Kūlua. A hui hou kākou. #hiloiaapaa #kulua #nana #anahuluhoonui @maka3photography


  1. Kia ora, me mahalo nui from Aotearoa, These are great comments – please keep going. Thank you for this explanation about Kulua. Is Kulua Day 2 or Day 3 of your lunar calendar? Arohanui Ockie

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