Hua is today’s moon phase in the Hawaiian lunar month of Kaulua.

‘O Hua ka pō mahina o kēia po’aono nei i ka malama o Kaulua. Howzit Gangeh. Hua is today’s moon phase in the Hawaiian lunar month of Kaulua. Tonight is kapu a Hua, a night when ceremony and rituals were done to personal gods. Kapu Hua comes to an end on the night of Akua, ke huli ka I’a. Kaulua is the month when the weather switches back and forth between calm and windy or hot and rainy. Prepare for wind Gangeh. High pressure systems will come through Hawai’i bringing storms to our islands. Lehua blossoms are blooming profusely. Mango and avocado flowers are appearing as well. The soil is wet and perfect for planting. Whales are out in the ocean playing. Halalū gather in the bays. Hakamoa rises in the east right after sunset. All the makahiki stars are being dumped out of the upena makali’i in the sky. And that Gang is today’s kilokilo ‘ouli o ka manawa. E ola! #anahuluhoonui #kaulua #hua #hiloiaapaa @maka3photography

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