ʻO Hoku ka pō mahina o kēia po nei.

Howzit kākou!
ʻO Hoku ka pō mahina o kēia po6 nei i ka malama o Hinaiaʻeleʻele.
Itʻs all about the super moon we are going to experience tonight on the Hawaiian moonphase known as Hoku. Tonight the moon will be in perigee-syzygy which means that the moon will be closest to the earth and in alignment with the earth and sun tonight. Expect tidal differences in all kinds of liquid, including pele.
Tonight is an excellent time to go fishing for limu eating fish, red fish & pelagics. This time of the year we should see a lot of manini pua in tide pools as well.
For plants, everything is ripening. Keep your eyes open for lychee, mangoes, avocados, mountain apples, squash, pumpkin and others. Itʻs a very good time to plant bananas in the evening and to expect a high yield.
Divers on the Saddle must makaʻala because these are the phases when animals meander under the light of the moon and tend to walk along the roads.
Thatʻs it for todayʻs moonphase prediction. Happy planting, fishing and observing the moon this evening.
#hiloiaapaa #poepoe #hoku #hinaiaeleele


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