ʻO Lono ka pō mahina no kēia pō.

Lono was today’s early morning moon phase in the Hawaiian lunar month of Welo.
Today’s an excellent day for planting any type of plant especially food type plants.
All types of fishing will be excellent. The tide will be low, casting sand inshore.
In the old days, this evening was kapu to Lono the god of agriculture and other things. Young boys around the age of seven were dedicated to Lono so they would become prosperous men. At this age they entered the men’s eating-house and learned how to be men.
Wahi a nā kūpuna, a child born today will be favored by his parents and caretakers who in their later life will be famous and looked upon favorably by everyone around them.

In terms of the debate with deciding which moon phase prediction is correct and which isnʻt, the true answer is both predictions are correct.  The moon is constantly orbiting the earth.  it never stops.  While orbiting the earth the shape and position of the moon changes throughout the daily 24 hour period.  The easiest explanation is that the moon will rise as a certain phase and will more than likely become another phase by the time it is setting.  Todayʻs Lono phase is a great example.  It will rise as Lono and set as Mauli before the 24 hour period is complete.  These are the last few days of the lunar month of Welo, which is the final month that sits within the Kau Hoʻoilo.  Move over wet season and bring on the hot, humid summer months.

And that Gangeh is our Hawaiian moon phase prediction for today.  A hui hou kākou.



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