ʻO Hua ka pō mahina.

Hua is this afternoonʻs moon phase in the Hawaiian lunar month of Welo.

Today is a good day to plant anything that bears fruit or seeds because the word hua means, fruit or seed.
Plants such as mai‘a, kalo and ‘uala planted today will be bear corms & fruit abundantly but they will be small in size.
Fishing will be fruitful also. The tide is high at 3 pm today here in Hilo. For those who practice Hawaiian ceremonies, the kapu Hua begins at moon rise and ends on the moon set of Akua.
Hua means egg as well which describes how the moonʻs appearance is going to be tonight. Moonrise is at 5pm today.

Wahi a nā kūpuna, if a son is born today, he will not have many children and if a daughter is born today she will be very fertile.

And that is my Hawaiian moon phase prediction for our Saturday in the ahupuaʻa of Waiākeawaena, in the moku ʻokana of Hilo, on the island of Hawaiʻi. Aloha Gangeh.


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