Pō Kāne

Aloha kākou e kuʻu mau hoa heluhelu. ʻO Kāne ka pō mahina o kēia poʻakolu nei. Howzit Gangeh. Kāne is the moonphase for this Wednesday. We got a long dark night ahead with low, low tides making it perfect to work on loko iʻa walls, kūʻuna (Maui name for fishing imu) and imu iʻa along the laupapa and lava benches.
Hōʻeu, kūkupu, ʻīnana, kū i luna o ka moku. Everything is blooming from mangoes to avocadoes to lehua to lama. Plants are active in the forest.
Weʻre currently in the lunar month of Kaulua which switches back and forth from calm hot weather to cold rainy weather. Itʻs kite flying season, taking advantage of the high winds brought on by Kuihimālanaiākea. Tis the season to expect sudden appearances of storms bringing in the ʻaha that will be added to the longer ʻaha for the ceremony that reinstates the chief and the time of Kū.
Ua ʻike ʻanei ʻoe? Did you know?
Pō Kāne was a perfect night for those evening ceremonies. Refer to Malo, Fornander, Kamiki or Kualiʻi for more information on the ʻaha.
And that Gangeh is a short but quick account of what you can expect on Pō Kāne in the Hawaiian lunar month of Kaulua. A hui hou kākou.


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