ʻO Kāne ka pō mahina o kēia pōakahi nei.

Kane is the phase for Monday in the Hawaiian lunar month of Kāʻelo. It is reported by Hawaiian scholars that today is a good day for planting and fishing. Night time ceremonies for those whose traditional practices belong to Kāne occurred. The pō kapu of Kāne began tonight and ended on the moon phase Mauli.
In the old days, the transition out of the Lono ceremonies were just completed and on the pō mahina of Kāne the kahuna declared the kapu KŪKOA’E was placed. There are two recorded examples of the kapu Kūkoaʻe. The first was a purification ceremony that occurred on the luakini heiau to assure that there would be food for the community and the second is a ceremony done for a stream to encourage it to continue to flow.

Today here in Hilo, the sky is clear and the Mālanai winds are blowing. Perhaps a sign that the weather is about the change again.
And that is our Hawaiian moon phase observation for today on Pō KĀNE. A hui hou kākou.


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