ʻO Mōhalu ka Pō Mahina i ka Malama ʻo Kāʻelo

Aloha kākou e kuʻu mau hoa heluhelu.  ʻO Mōhalu ka pō mahina o kēia lā pule nei ma ka malama Hawaiʻi ʻo Kāʻelo.

Howzit Gangeh. Mōhalu is Sundayʻs moonphase in the Hawaiian lunar month of Kāʻelo.  This is the lunar month for storms, floooding, waterspouts and wind.  The earth is drenched as the name Kāʻelo suggests and the star Kāʻelo is also in our skies in the evening.  It has been recorded that both Betelguese & Mercury have been called Kāʻelo for those of you who are wondering which star Iʻm referencing.  Hereʻs a link to check out the planets in our sky right now:

Anyway,  here in Hilo we are still experiencing the end of a very active thunder and lightning storm.  There are still occassional rumblings off in the distance.  The earth is drenched from the rain as well.  This morning we have kōlea busy collecting displaced bugs and grubs in the grass, ʻuʻulei blooming, liko (young leaf buds) of all kinds are sprouting and ʻio busy checking out disoriented birds for breakfast.  It is said that this is the month when the catepillars are out eating the tender leaves which means next month is when the moths will be out in large numbers.

The ocean is red from last nightʻs flooding as well.

And that Gangeh is todayʻs lunar kilo forecast.  A hui hou kākou.


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