Pohuehue at Kiholo Bay


pohuehue- Kiholo

Pohuehue (Ipomoea pes-caprae) was blooming this weekend on the shores of Kiholo Bay, Hawaii. The mahina we saw was olekulua or olepau, what do you think? 




  1. Blooming on that day with that mahina sounds like a connection between the moon phase and the flower blooming. I don’t doubt that this can be tracked. I believe the Hawaiians did and they did it very well from what I can tell. They attuned their daily rhythms to the those of the moon and its cast on the tides and on the land. The result is a culture that flourished and enabled them to sustain large populations that thrived off of the resources of the land. This balance is what I have so much respect and admiration for. They worshiped God in all that was nature, the lands, rivers, mists and rainbows. All the forms were given names. And their interplay the many stories rich with wisdom and knowledge.

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